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Thursday, November 29, 2012

You can

     I am new to tweeting I started it just this year and at first I find it hard to do. Of course, you are limited to how many words you type that is why you tend to narrow it down. I ended up good at doing it that my tweeter friends are applauding. At first I only have three or four followers I am envious my friends has one hundred to three fifty followers I thought how they do it. I was browsing looking for an answer I did not ask them I am a bit shy. I found out you could Buy Tweets that is amazing.  I so love when I am not certain of an answer and I like to know the answer right away I just type the question and here it is the answer is in front of you. After I knew that, you could do that I did not hesitate to ask some of my friends and I was right they do it. I am into blogging I have several followers and I like to have followers in my tweets too. Who does not like to be followed I think everybody likes to be followed specially if there is an event or scenario that people likes to talk everybody voice out the things they like to say and it is fun. 

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