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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fish and Shrimp soup

I was lying in bed when I felt a sudden craving of fish and shrimp soup. I remember I had atlantic salmon fish and shrimp in the freezer I immediately take it out and waited to thaw it. I prepare the necessary ingredients like bokchoy, onion and garlic past and little salt. I just boil the water first when it is boiling I put the fish and shrimp when the shrimp turns orange I put the white part of the bokchoy then the onion and the garlic paste. I waited till the fish and shrimp is cooked then I mix the green part of bokchoy seasoned it with salt and voila my hot fish and shrimp soup is ready to eat!

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kimmy said...

another lover here, manang!

joy said...

Pahingi. Nakagutom naman:)

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