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Thursday, October 18, 2012

6pm Coupons

     Wow, it is getting colder and colder each day here in Michigan. Yesterday, I spend my day outside the house just walking around, tending my garden and cleaning some stuff because the temperature was excellent. Some area in our property has some puddles and it is muddy so I have to wear my new fall boots. I have been eyeing for fall boots for quite some time and this time I found it. I am a cheap kind of woman. What I mean by this is that I go shop for things and even groceries when I find a 6pm coupons or 6pm promotion online. Some people may or may not have discovered it yet that couponing or looking for promotion is a great help. Now days I cannot buy certain stuff for a high price when I know that I can get coupons to save a bit of money from it. Many also do not have the courage to try it yet because of many reasons. One reason that I know of that it happened to me is that many do not know how to get it and how to use it. Second, some are a bit shy using it.  Third, they may feel weird of doing it because they have not done it before. However, for me all of those reasoning are just in our mind because people do not care. What you do is all up to you and they do not mind it at all.
     So when I got my fall boots which I so love very much it made my foot warm while doing some work outside I am also certain and looking around for winter boots. I do not have a winter boots that is flat and stylish. I have boots that are high heel but they are only for some partying attire not for walking in the mall or park. Couponing and looking for promotions is what I would love to do because what matters most is the money I save.

1 comment:

joy said...

Ako din mahilig mamili pag sale:) di ko pa na discover coupons dito eh. Parang wals:)

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