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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geek Gadgets

      Hubby and I went to the store today. Every time we do grocery shopping or malling, I like to browse each isle looking for something new. I love gadgets more so gadgets that looks cool and the color is awesome. At this time when summer is almost over summer sales is also everywhere. So while I was in the store I thought of writing things for Christmas gifts to specific people.  Geek Magazine has some cool gadgets. I know young adults love cool gadgets as well as the kids. I started listing and trying to figure out what to give and to whom. In my list are my nieces and nephew and my siblings as well as my relatives and friends. Some friends that I know do love to get Target promo code and the young ones love to get Apple promo codes. Driving home from shopping this afternoon, I have a huge smile on my face because I did figure out what to give to my love ones. So friends it is about time to do your list and look around in the internet for great deals and do not forget to us coupons or promo codes it does help a lot when you are in the check out. 

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