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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Online Cooking

     One of my hobbies is cooking. I love to cook more so I love to experiment and try food. The other day I was surprise to read about online cooking degrees. Have you heard about online cooking degrees? My first thought is that how the teacher would taste the food the student had cook. It is somewhat funny to think about it but I guess nothing is impossible in this world as long as there are people who like to do it and pursue their dreams everything is possible.
     Last night I was talking to my SIL and told her about online cooking degrees and one that I like to learn is baking. I know for sure that online cooking will do help me a lot on this aspect because I thought there is not too much pressure. My SIL is a good baker she make great wedding cakes huge and small. The bad part she is not well paid the people who order cakes from her do not pay her well sometimes they do not even pay! I cannot believe some people are so naïve and cannot see how much one person do the work to make their order look pretty. I told her she had to tell her from the very beginning about how much it cost but knowing her she is willing to give it free not me! I remember when I was in grade school those time my Aunt is a home economics teacher. She always likes me to assist her every time she is baking a cake. She does not have an oven like what we have today. She laid her small oven on top of the counter top and one by one she bake the cake. That amazes me and my dream of baking a cake someday was born. My father is the one who teach me how to cook. My father is a good cook as well as my mother and that until now I always remember their tips in cooking. One tip that my father told me is when we cook we have to put love on what we do and that our food will turn out tasty! 

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Shivam said...

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