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Monday, August 27, 2012

Essay Writing

I remember when I was in high school our English teacher is very strict. She wants us to learn fast and can write well. She loves to give us homework every weekend and ask us to write an essay about things that happen on the weekend. I like to observe the things that is going on in my surrounding but putting in on words I have a hard time. It takes me for a while to start because I do not know where to start. She gives us tips on how to write but if you are not use to doing it, it is hard. However, in time I get use to it that I like to write something in everything that I do.  These days it is a different story we can find an essay writing service  
online. It is not hard to find because it is online and that makes it easy. However, I have not tried it but I would like to tell my nieces and nephews to try the service when it gets tough in school. For me essay writing is a skill the words should be easy to understand, and the thought is clear enough for the readers to understand. Have you tried essay writing? Do you like it?

1 comment:

joy said...

Tried in school. I loved writing, but still trying hard:)

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