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Sunday, July 1, 2012


One thing that I missed in the Philippines is the food. One particular food is banana-cue. We eat this for snacks I remember when I was in college and high school this is what I can only afford to buy for snacks. It does fill your stomach and it is a cheap snack too.

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Maan said...

I now live in Singapore and I miss banana-cue too!! Very affordable, filling, and yummy!

AFamilyMan said...

visiting back from

that looks yummy! i'm not really fond of this but my wife does. she said she misses this banana-cue

Leah H. said...

Same here. I love them for snacks:)

Visiting for Ys- hope you can stop by..

emzkie said...

i miss it too! look so yummy! thanks for the visit sis Kim!

genefaith said...

...and this reminds me to include ripe banana on my grocery list..sarap ng banana cue pang snack:)

visiting back from YS

imriz said...

yes! this snack is a favorite. we do lots of turon and, thus, i am buying saba bananas regularly @1.50 pesos a piece.

Iska said...

Just what I need... as I've bought a packet of frozen saba. :-) This is what I want! Yum.

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