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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


     I do not know other people but I find wine fascinating. I like to learn about wine but I do not have any access to any winery at all. I found a site a place to read and learn about wine. I have not known that wines have also pairing. It is like if you eat seafood’s there is a specific wine that you have to drink. If you eat red meat, another kind of wine is for that and the list goes on. One time I was in a super grocery store in our area and I saw this chocolate wine. I was curious I read the label and yes, it is a chocolate wine so I bought it. We have many different kinds of wine here in our house though hubby and I am not wine drinker that much but we opted to have wine in case we love to drink sometime. I have several white and red wine I do not know the name of them but the specific wine that I love has to have a sweet taste of it. I am carried away if it has a sweet taste and not woody. I can drink a lot somebody has to drive me home ha-ha. 
     Yesterday, hubby and I were talking about visiting a vineyard a bit far from our place. Last year, I saw a picture of my friend who went to the place and it was Autumn I was amazed of the view it is just beautiful. Then she told me when they were there they had a chance to taste all the wine I get more excited. I told hubby this time we have to get out in summer and autumn where everything is in full bloom and in autumn everything change its color. I also read somewhere that a wine has a taste of its own depending on where it came. The weather, the location and I think the grapes that are being harvested matters for a very good wine. Lucky for us we will just go online and buy wines that we do unlike years ago, people had to make there own wine, which is cool too. What about you friends do you drink wine and how do you know if the wine you are drinking is the best of its kind. It would be nice to learn about wine, right. 

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