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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooking Oil

     The last day I was in Manila, Philippines, I meet a friend. I have not seen him for two years though we message each other in some social network it is still different if you can talk in person. We had lunch in one of the known restaurant in Manila and told him I do love there food. We compare notes about our cooking and he told me new recipes for fish. I was very excited I could not wait to buy pure olive oil. He gave me a recipe that needs pure olive oil and not extra virgin oil. I do not know that there are many kinds of virgin oil so when I get back here in Michigan I look for pure olive oil and found it. This morning I found out the difference between types of oil for cooking. I sure do know we use sometimes vegetable oil or canola oil but there are also many kinds of oil, which some is good for cooking and some are just for salads or dipping. 
     So how many oils do you think you know? I for one only know about olive oil, which I found out that there are different kinds of olive oil, and it differs in where it came from. Is it not exciting to learn all this? Because it excites me so much knowing that, just simple oil has so many types. In addition, I am only talking about olive oil. How about Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Sesame oil, Grape seed oil, Corn oil, Safflower oil, Walnut oil, Avocado oil or Hazelnut oil? In my native country Philippines, we use coconut oil all the time because it is the cheapest. I love to learn how people come up with so many types of oil it always amazes me because I love to cook and I like to know the right oil for the dish that I cook. I am that fuzzy about food too. 

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hazel said...

i know so little about oil!!! HAHA :P

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