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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Valentine & Kebartas

I was browsing the internet and found read this profile Valentine & Kebartas. I was curious I read. I found out that Valentine & Kabartas is a third party collection agency. I thought of myself that is cool. I have not known any collection agency but now I do. I continue to read, I found out that Cheryl Valentine, and Bob Kerbartas found it in 1994. They are involved in bankcard, retail, telecommunications, education, utilities, commercial leasing, and insurance and government sectors. Valentine & Kebartas, Inc. allows clients to achieve collection objectives and earn a higher net back by individually tailoring its services. Reading how this company operates and stick to their goals made me think that founding a business and make it successful is like taking care of a family too. How you raise a family by taking care of all the members is like in the business too.  A great information I have read here and hope you all look at there website too.

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