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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Love Yellow

     I do not realize I love the color yellow. I have been trying to deny myself that yellow is not my favorite color but every time I see something yellow my eyes get excited I feel happy. When we were at Texas for a two weeks vacation, I saw this beautiful yellow watch worn by a teenager. I hesitated to ask where she bought the watch but I did look at the watch intently like memorizing all the details. Later that night I search high and low in the internet looking for the yellow watch. I could not find it until the next day I share my story to a friend and she told me it is the fashion now for men and women young or old to wear analog watch, which she told me it is a very cool time teller. I never was over gaga over a watch but that particular yellow watch caught my eyes and I cannot get rid of it. 

     After days of vacationing in Texas, it was about time to go home this time we were cruising the eastern part of the USA. From Texas, we went to Arkansas, a little bit of Illinois and Indiana. We stopped and slept over at Arkansas and Indiana. There we happened to meet old friends of hubby he had not seen many years. The good thing is they also check in the same hotel we are checking in. My hubby’s friends wife is so nice and their kids that we had a good time just talking at the lounge area of the hotel. We talk so many things until we talk about the latest gadget of young people. Except for the phones and tablets or game consul, young people are also talking about the newest headphones and the nixon watches for men. When I hear it, my heart flips because I know what they are talking about. Of course they shared how they like the style and color and how cool each one from the other design. I told them I like the yellow smiley face and they all laugh because it is what their younger sister likes too. Well I think I know now what to give to hubby this coming Fathers day a new nixon time teller. That night hubby is very happy. He never thought he would meet his friend and his family again. I am very happy too because I know now what to give to him Though for many years hubby and his friend did not meet for many long years but they pick up the pieces and talk about good memories. I believe that in this lifetime we have one or two friends that we consider a true friend. We may not see or talk for years but in our heart, we keep the memories we share together.

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