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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Business Loans

I was in grade school my father teaches me how to sew. Yes, you hear it right my father who teaches me first how to sew than my mom. We had this pedal sewing machine and by learning how to sew at that age, I become to like it. However, at those times, we do not have that much money so buying textiles and threads are not a priority. We only sew when we fix something to our clothing. Then I found out that my mother’s side of the family do a great job in making huge and elaborate curtains. In addition, my sister can sew and make curtains by hand. I then thought that I have this talent of creating beautiful curtains and somehow sewing my own dress.
I was in college when I heard about my father and mother discussing about Unsecured Business Loans. They were discussing their Lines of Credit and if the Business Loan that they heard they can have it. I wonder then what kind of business they are going into and I found out it is about dressmaking. I was excited because I know that my parents could make it. It was not too soon that they began their business the banks ask many things from them. However, all the effort comes into fruition and they take off with the business they think they know how to manage. 

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Anonymous said...

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