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Friday, January 6, 2012


I am not into Sushi but hubby does like it. We went to a Fuji Japanese Restaurant and there you can eat all you can sushi.  These restaurant is a bit pricey especially in the night time it cost you $20.00 but they also have plenty of food to choose. They have arrays of sushi and one or two sushi caught my attention. I took photos but stopped after two shots because it is not allowed to take photos of there sushi. I was like what makes there sushi different from other Japanese restaurant? For all we know they are all related or friends since they have the same kind of business. Anyway, here is the photo of sushi that the owner didn't want to take a photo. But you can find this kind of sushi in other restaurant too. So for that I rate this restaurant a one star. ^_^

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Vanessa Scott said...

I love sushi! We have a Fuji here where I live and my friends and I like to go at least once a month for girls night.

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