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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Do you have a pet?  Do you feel sad if your pet is also sick? I do! My nephew and nieces had a dog-called Abby, they have two bunnies, and they call them Tom and Jerry, lol! They so love their pet when one times it get sick.  Abby will not eat as well as Tom and Jerry. My brother asked the family members what might be the reason. They concluded that they might eat something. Off they go to the Veterinarian, the dog and bunnies have given a medicine, and the veterinarian checks them. When I know what happened I told my brother to check PetCareRx to see if it would help him find some of the medicine. Later on that day he texted me telling me he did find the medicine through PetCareRx. What an amazing find he told me because he could not find the med locally. Now he remembers the website and bookmarks it in his computer.

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kimmy said...

we have a pet cat, manang.. my kids feel so sad when he is not feeling well..

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