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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet & Sour Fish or Escabeche

                         I can eat fish everyday. I was used to it because I came from the Philippines. In my native country we have fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and meat everyday. We can buy it in the market. Today,  I was craving sweet and sour fish. My mother is the best cook for this kind of dish. I remember she only use vinegar, little sugar, dash of salt, little cornstarch to make it sticky. But since I can't make the dish the way she cook I used Mama Sita sweet and sour fish sauce mix. It is very helpful especially when some of the ingredients I can't find it here.
                                I thawed my fish. I sliced each side and dash it with salt then deep fry.

                      Then I prepare garlic (minced), onion (chopped), carrots (julienne) and bell pepper (slice).
With a little oil on the wok, saute garlic, onions, carrots, and bell pepper for 2 minutes. You will mix the sweet and sour mix (in a pack) to a 1/2 cup or 1 cup of water depending on how much sauce you want. I put at least one cup of water because I want the sauce to go through the fish.
Here is what it look when you mixed the sauce mix. Let it simmer then put the fish. Low heat and cover.

                                                              Here is what it look now.
                                               SWEET and SOUR FISH or ESCABECHE

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Scribbler said...

Thanks for visiting me! I noticed you had come once before, but I was unsure which blog to comment on. You have a lot of blogs!

This fish dish looks delicious. I wish I could try some, because I love fresh fish and vegetables, too.

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