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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Digital Printing

Last night we had our first catechist meeting at church.  We discussed our lesson plans for the year and how to improve from last years experience. We were talking about how to deal with the parents on the first day of school and for the next days, weeks and months to come. We tried to encourage them to come to the class  if they like to listen. Or if they like to read, they can go to our small library. We want them to include our activities so the kids also get inspired. Next week we are going to continue the registration because we are having the open house. I asked them if I needed to print out any of the photos that I took last year to make a poster. We decorated and made collages that the parents and kids could see. I know it will be new to them to see their kids having fun at the church school. 

So Digital Printing is going to be our best option to make all our plans possible. We looked at the website, and I knew they could make a beautiful digital printing. The company's name is Print Runner. They had beautiful products on their website to browse and choose from. The website is easy to manage and you can chat with them if you need an assistance. Since I have been on this website so many times I know how to navigate and find the stuff that I like from them. I chose bookmarks, stickers, vinyl banners and posters.  We checked the price, and everything is affordable. After all the browsing and comparing we decided which things we are going to order. I was very happy that our leader supported me. I knew then that my room would look awesome when the parents and the children come to see me. I cannot wait for our open house. I know for sure it would be a lot of fun.

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