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Friday, September 2, 2011

Bitter melon/Ampalaya ginisa

It's been years that I have not cook nor taste this dish again. Because I only eat this dish if it is cook by mama. Mama knew how to cook this ampalaya/bitter melon ginisa without bitterness. One time I asked her how she do it, she told me to put salt on the fresh cut bitter melon then squeeze and then wash. That is the secret so she said. Yesterday, I cook for the very first time ampalaya/bitter melon ginisa and though it has a bitterness to it but it is okay. 

First, I cut the bitter melon, tomatoes, onions and the garlic.
                                                  I scrambled two eggs. I like lots of eggs.

                                  On the wok, I put an oil then saute first the onions. Then if you see
                              the onions become translucent you add the garlic. That smells so good! ^_^

                     Do not let the garlic burnt it will give bitter taste. Then I mixed the tomatoes. Stir.

                                                                    Another stir ^_^

                               Then I mixed the bitter melon/ampalaya. Stir once. Do not cover.
                        If you see that the ampalaya is a bit tender put the scrambled egg and stir.

I do not stir a lot because it will become more bitter (per advice from mom). And I do not cover since the water evaporation will settle to the dish that would also add up with being bitter. This time you can season.
I put fish sauce but if you do not have fish sauce you can use salt, then pepper. Put the heat to low and let it cook. If in case the oil is not enough you can add more. I like it cook with oil than water.
                                    So this is it my ginisang Bitter melon/ Ampalaya. Let's eat!!
                                                                FOOD FRIDAY and YUMMY SUNDAY


Mika said...

WoW! everytime you post something, I get to miss my hometown. I love eating ginisang ampalaya. I really hope we have an asian store near my place so I can cook something that I miss to eat.

Have a great weekend!

Mine is here

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

That's interesting! Haven't done ampalaya this way. Thanks for sharing Kim!
Have a great weekend!

maiylah said...

oooh, i love eating them! we grew up eating them and so i actually like the bitter taste that you get when you eat them with scrambled eggs. we even ate them raw (mixed with tomatoes, vinegar, and a bit of rock salt) back home. my eldest son likes it, but my youngest still needs some more convincing. lol.

thanks so much for sharing this recipe over at Food Friday, Manang Kim
...this really made me ache for home...and those 'good old days'. :)

enjoy the rest of the week!

peachkins said...

Nothing beats ginisang Ampalaya with rice!

Luna Miranda said...

when was a teenager, learning how to cook, my mom would tell everybody that my ginisang ampalaya was bitter because i was in a bad mood while cooking it. *LOL*

i still don't eat ampalaya.:p

imriz said...

ang sarap naman nyan, i wonder if ur hunbs had a taste of it .
ilang days ko na iniisip to cook ampalaya kaso i was thinking din na bka mapait, hubs cook this ng di nia "mabait" daw kz siyang manugang kaya di pumapait ang ampalaya s kany...ouch! mabait nman din ako, sb ko...(another saying d2 yan when cooking ampalaya)

Oggi said...

This is one of my childhood favorites which my family finds strange as it can sometimes be too bitter.:)

imriz said...

back here for YM...have a nice sunday manang kim .

ZehnRe said...

it smells good. weeeeh!

happy yummy sunday.

Perfectly Blended said...

my mother in law use to cook this during breakfast and I love it. Happy Yummy Sunday!

Melodygem said...

Oh I would love to try... This is yummy

Heather S-G said...

I've never worked with bitter melon before. This sounds delicious :D

Tori said...

I miss having this. Yummy!Thanks for the visit! -Tori

Cheerful said...

i miss having one, yours looks so delicious! visiting late from last week's YS, have a great weekend. :)

Jessica said...

yum...looks delicious, one of my favorite food to eat for breakfast, visiting from YS, hope you can visit me back

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