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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hawaii the place to go

Do you like your Summer? Do you dream of having this kind of weather 365 days of the year? If your answer is yes then Hawaii is the place to go for the reason that Hawaii is still part of USA. You don't have to spend a lot of money going to another country and passing those airport dilemma. Hubby and I were talking about retiring somewhere. Definitely he is not going to come to me to my native country. But he likes the weather that the sun is out all the time and you can eat tropical fruits all the time. And for the 50 states of USA it's only Hawaii that has those requirements he mention above. One time we were browsing Facebook for possible properties in different states and we found this Hawaii Realty International the coolest of all. You can see all the beautiful houses and beaches around the island. The palms trees, the sun gloriously shining every day is what we dream all the time. We were laughing when we found this because it seems that it answers our prayers. If we really do go to Hawaii I would love to be close to the ocean by that I can smell the fresh air and hopefully catch fresh fish ^_^

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