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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fish soup

I was craving for fish soup yesterday and I remember I had several fish head for fish soup. But then I don't have the right vegetable to mixed with it. So what I did I just figured out another ways, instead of bokchoy for leafy vegetable, I used the cabbage. For the seasoning I still do have the knorr sinigang mixed and my ginger and lemon grass paste. 

I boiled the water first and when it's boiling I put the fish head. I let it boil again and then I put the cabbage and seasoned it as well. I let it boiled again but turn the heat to med/low. The fish gets cooked fast that's why you don't have to put a high heat. When the cabbage is done I seasoned it with salt and  pepper then it is done. I was so happy I got my craving for fish soup satisfied that day. Even if I don't have the right veggies into it but at least I had the fish, lol!! What about you guys what have you got yesterday? Anything that made you crave so far?

1 comment:

xinex said...

This looks so yummy, Kim. Now you are making me crave for it too....Christine

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