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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need to bring my laptop

I just came from my class today at the Seminary. And this morning we were talking about bringing our laptop at the class. Well, many told us that they don't have a laptop of their own but many also like the idea because they do have their own laptop. Our teacher told us that if they could find a used laptop it would nice for them to have it because it would make the topic more easy for the teachers to teach and of course it's very handy to them since their will be not  handouts to be printed so less paper works and it's more on online. I've never thought that I would go to a class which everybody would use a laptop and for me to think about it is so cool. My brother last night told me that his laptop is already retired so I told him that I am going to find a very good used laptop and he was happy to know it. Well a promise is made not to be broken so I might start to find one now! Ciao!


tejan said...

thats really sound great of you buying a laptop for a brother:)

visiting here manang KIm:)how are you?

Charlotte Wilson said...

Why doesn't your brother give you his laptop to use? :o)

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