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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Green thumb

Many says I have a green thumb because what ever I planted it will grow.  I may or may not believe it  but my secret of making my plants grow is that I talked to them!! Yup even if they are a seeds yet or just a tiny little plant I talked to them. I encourage them to grow and I always appreciate them telling them I am waiting for their roots to come out or buds or anything just talked to them. And I can vouch for it that they have senses because it will not take long my plants would just grow fast. A side note...I bought this Malungay for $25 and it's like a baby to me lol!! 
As a Filipino I missed eating Malungay or Moringa. Malungay is a tiny leaves from a little tree. In the Philippines, almost every backyard has it and growing up we cook this leaves together with fish, or mixed it with other  vegetable  as soup. Now as they found out that there are plenty of nutritious components in this plant they start to make tea, pills for health purposes. Visit this site for more information Moringa oleifera  
Then last two weeks ago I went to Asian store and found Kangkong or Ipomoea aquatica (Chinese spinach or water spinach). I cooked it with fish (of course) for fish soup or sinigang. I remember my mom taught me that the hard stalk can be replanted. And since it's still cold outside I soaked it with rain water and few days after the roots came out and so the leaves!! Today I am going to replant them to a pot and for now they will stay inside the house since here in Michigan it still cold outside. Here are the photos and enjoy!
After I cut some of the little branch, leaves just came back. At the bottom of the pot are Marigolds ready to be planted on the ground.

                                           Now here are my cuttings which are growing fast!

                              Looks like I'm gonna be busy this afternoon I only hope it will warm up.
                                                       Linking this post to SOOC Sunday
                                                                  GREEN MONDAY


Sherrie said...

Very pretty plants. They look like they are thriving. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

xinex said...

Happy Mother's Day, Manang Kim. It must be so wonderful to have a green thumb. I have to remember to do that with kangkong so I cam replant them. I have never seen a malunggay plant here. Come by and sign up for my giveaway....Christine

kimmyschemy said...

they are so pretty! i wish i had a green thumb like you do. i can't even keep an indoor plant alive for a long period of time :(

a visit from Soulful!

MarieElizabeth said...

Looks like things really are growing well there. Good for you!

Mirage said...

I remember my mom cooking this with shrimp when I gave birth to my eldest ^_^ now i miss my mom and malunggay! :D

Jan said...

Wow, you do have a green thumb.

imriz said...

wow, looks like ul gonna have lots of tinola anf fish sinigang for ur kangkong ang malunggay there.

travelholic said...

OMG!!! Paborito ko yang mga gulay na yan, esp that malunggay! We have a huge tree of that in front of my mom's house back home. Now you make me crave for a tinolang manok with malunggay! ;-)

I have Green Mother's Day Hop at the Riverfront entry; hope to see you at mine! ;-)

Ray said...

Beautiful shots!

January Zelene said...

Hehehe.. Ate Kim may malunggay pala dyan na nasa pot? ang cute naman nyan..

Visiting from Green Monday
Hope You can visit my Greens: Bouquet, Cake on Mother’s Day and One Perfect Day. Thanks!

gengen said...

Nice plants...happy GM!

ayvee said...

OMG! Malungay..sarap naman nyan.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow how lucky you are ate to grow malunggay, it's been years since I last eat that leafy veggies, miss kio na yan..

My Green, would love it if you can take a peek.

Cecile said...

wow, i miss malunggay so much na; i agree you have a green thumb! lucky you :-)

i plan on taking some malunggay seeds with me when we go back after our trip to P.I.this July para makapagtamin din ako :-)

raya said...

i have malunggay in my garden here in Bangkok! please visit me at

Julie said...

You do have a green thumb, MK! I hope you get to enjoy these lovely greens :)

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