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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ginataang alimango

                                            Ginataang alimango or crabs cooked in coconut milk

I had this sumptuous food for two days since I am the only one who ate crabs here in our household. Hubby would only say "poor guy" when I start to cook crabs, lol!! As a Pinay who grew up eating fresh seafoods I love it and thankfully I found a store that sells crabs, shrimps and all kinds of fishes.

                                                           Linking this post to Food Friday
                                                                and Yummy Sunday


Calleigh said...

Kalami... yummy.. pareho jud ta manang Kim.. di magkaon si banana those kind of food.

Please post the recipe manang para try sad nako.. na missed ko na ang pinoy food.

maiylah said...

i love crabs in coconut milk!! just finished dinner, but now am hungry again! lol

Mirage said...

I miss this! It's about time I get some crabs!

kimmy said...

wow! sarap nyan, manang! sana matuto ako magluto nyan, hehe..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Sumptuous Meal! madami makakain ko nyan ate lalo na pag may sili hehehe..

Please take a peek of the Yummy Sunday post at my page. Have great week ahead!

xinex said...

That looks super yummy, Kim. I will definitely eat with you if I were there, lol...Christine

Perfectly Blended said...

that looks so delicious!

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