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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Food Network star show

One of my favorite channel is Food network. In this channel I found so many talented chef's and they are awesome. In fact, I had bought some of their recipe books and some kitchen stuff. Aside from that they inspire me to be good in my own food network my own kitchen, lol!! What I also like is the variation that Food network has to offer. If you like the south way of cooking you ca find Paula and the Neely's and if you like the Italian cooking you can find Giada, for the gourmet their are many to choose from and don't forget the 30 minute meal of Rachael Ray. Today I find this....

Food Network Star

...........and got excited because hello...they are going to have another Food Network star show and this will be this coming JUNE!! Yes fellow kitchen and food bloggers Food Network Star Returns In June and I am very excited. I will definitely watch this because for the past I've been watching it and would shed tears when my bet is out of the game ^_^. I hope this time my bet will win and will see who are they. Don't forget fellows Food Network Star Returns in June!!! 

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