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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last Saturday hubby and I attended a birthday party for a friend. It was held in a Japanese Restaurant and what is good in there is that it's a buffet style. All the food that I like to eat which is seafood is there and hubby's favorite which is sushi is there too. I am not into sushi because for me it's only rice, lol! And I eat rice everyday so since there are a lot of choices in that Japanese restaurant I go for food that I don't eat everyday. It was a dinner party and the food selection is a bit different from the lunch menu. They added crab legs and lobster which for me is really good. I so love that place but one thing that I don't like in there and so my friends is that the waitress are not doing there job so well. They are looking more into the tip than the service itself. But the food is really good here is what I took last Saturday.
Wait a minute that's not my food hehehehehe. That's my friends food. They came late so they had to come up with us lol! Looking at it now makes me drool.

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