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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bangus or Milkfish

The national fish of the the Philippines is Milkfish or Bangus. After our Valentines lunch date yesterday, hubby and I went to an Oriental market. Inside the store I was looking for some vegetables like eggplant or pechay/bokchoy but they don't have it. So I went to their frozen good and found already cleaned bangus or milkfish. I never hesitated to buy 3 packs because I missed this fish. Bangus or milkfish has 214 bones, broken down into 162 inter-muscular (between muscles) spines and 52 rib bones. That's a lot!! And if you are not used to eating this fish (specially my hubby) you get scared by the bones! I just laughed at him when he watched me ate this fish because I eat the bones too, well the tiny ones of course. But my favorite part of this fish is the belly. I would not let anybody took the belly because it's the best part.  Here is the packaging of the milkfish.

                                                          And it is already marinated. ^_^

                                                        Linking this post to BLUE MONDAY


SmilingSally said...

It's good to find food you love. Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Kim.

Maharlikah said...

Bangus! I love it... Happy blue Monday Manang Kim.

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