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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tabasco with rice!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a rice eater. Well it's not a surprised I guess because I am from Asia I am a Filipino married to an American. So in our cupboard you could find two kinds of condiments an American and a Filipino kind of condiments. But there is only one stuff that we agree on one thing it's the TABASCO® Original Red ! Yup we agree to this one it's just good on my rice and fried egg lol! The first time hubby watched me put TABASCO® Original Red  on my rice and then fried egg he was I guess shocked hehehe. He asked me if it's good I said it's heavenly lol! He couldn't fathom the idea a hot sauce on rice. But TABASCO® Original Red is not just to get heat it gives more flavor to any dish that you put on it.

For almost seven years living here in the US I learned to love pizza. If I don't cooked rice I crave for pizza too. But it kind of hard to find a good sauce to put on pizza more so the stuff to put on the top. When I saw a site about Pizza Perfected it gave me a lot of idea. Now if I order a pizza I asked if they have special stuff to put on the top of my pizza. One time I order a pizza and I was not pleased of what it turned out. I immediately get our TABASCO® Original Red and oh my it does help the taste of the bland pizza!!

This week hubby was invited to watch games at his sons house. My daughter in law yesterday asked me what dish she is going to prepare since it's all men, she doesnt want it to be a complicated one. I suggested to her to looked at Game-Day Party Menu website. This morning she called me and told me she already have chosen at least three and she is going to do some shopping later. I am so glad I can help with some of my family members dilemma and to add it up I told her don't forget to have TABASCO® Original Red on hand. And she just responded we had it everyday!! ^_^

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