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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yellow Asiatic Lily

This is what we call Asiatic Lily!! Mine is not yet in bloom, few days more to go and I have like this beautiful bloom. Took this picture at Wojo's nursery.

                                More of yellow flowers here at Mellow Yellow Monday


kimmy said...

wow!simply lovely!

Unknown said...

I love this flowers. Beautiful shot!

ilovepink1078 said...

so lovely flowers.
I love it...

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Pink Go Green

Life Moto said...

fantastic talaga superb and ganda nya. galing mo talaga manang

Maharlikah said...

How lovely these flowers are. Ganda rin ng pagkakuha.

Happy yellow monday Manang Kim.


lina@home sweet home said...

Love seeing it :)

Thanks for dropping by

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