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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Kielbasa sausage and corn

One the favorite dish that hubby likes me to cook is this Polska Kielbasa. Where he discovered this dish? Well, one time we were at his son party and his wife prepare this Kielbasa but not with saurkraut (sorry for the spelling not familiar with polish food). Anyway, he ask me to try it and try to figure out if I can cook the dish. Well, you know I am a cook (LOL) I can recreate a dish with a twist that would become my own. So I did recreate it one time and thankfully hubby love it.
1 pack of polska kielbasa sausage slice is diagonal
1 bell pepper (yellow/red/green doesn't matter but I like colors on it)
onion a lot of them
minced garlic
olive oil or cooking oil
Put a tbsp of oil in a pan. Sautee the onion first until it is translucent. Put the minced garlic until you think it is done but not burnt. I then mix the Kielbasa sausage stir it then cover. Set the fire to medium and let it simmer for awhile. When the water inside (comes from the evaporation) boils open the lid and mix the bell pepper, mix it the cover it again. This time you adjust the fire to low. Then it is done. If you noticed there will be a sauce that makes it good for dipping bread or for me that is a Filipina like to mixed it with rice. Yummmy!!

My favorite which I am so excited this spring and summer is to eat a lot of sweet corn. Across our house is a field of corn and the owner told us to get what we want oh lalala. I saw corn sold the other day for 6 pieces for $2 hubby almost won't buy it, he said it's expensive, I told him will the corn across us is not yet ready so we have to buy for now lol!! I don't boil the corn because I like it steamed. So here it is.
                                                                 My steamer
                                         To see more yummy food visit YUMMY SUNDAY


genefaith said...

kielbasa sausage sounds new to me...nd the corn looks sooo inviting...ang mahal naman..he..he...

life's journey said...

Oh this is new to me also but the corn looks yummy. Happy YS! My first entry is up.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sarap naman niyan..

Chubskulit Rose said...

We love Kabasi (that's how you say it right?) too! Kaya lang sa sour krout naman nila niluluto, matry nga tong menu mo ate heheh..

Spice Up Your Life

MJ said...

never heard that name before...
hmmm corn yummy..soon we gonna have it a fresh one from our garden hehehe!

happy monday...

Bogie said...

I find the corn so attractive. I was amused with the white and color combination.

You food photos are great!

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