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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun to be with

Growing up I have friends that are gay or what they call it now homosexual. And I had fun hanging out with them. I even like them to be my close friends because as what I have observed they are more sincere and truthful to you. Aside from being fun to be with they are also very honest of what they feel when they like somebody. And sometimes that would create a lot of heartaches for us friends when we found out that one of them is cheated by what they call their other half.  I love my gay friends that when they felt pain I also felt the same and hated the person that brings pain into them. But even if we tell them not to go to another relationship that easy they would fall in love again. ^_^ But what we can do is just to shrug our shoulder and say okey we are always behind you no matter what.
I was chatting my friend in the Philippines and I asked him where are our friends and how they are. He said that some of our friends are in other city working and one of our friend found an online friend in gay Romania. Which I was glad to learned it that at last he was happy since for many years he'd been working hard to provide a good life for his parents. I told my friend to send my greetings to him and hope that we can chat soon. For some people they don't want to befriended gays people but for me I don't have any qualms about it because they are like us. They had feelings, they get hurt, they cried, they laugh, and that's how why I do love my friends they are transparent and that's what I like to a friend.

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kimmy said...

same here, manang! i have lots of gay friends and i actually find them smart, witty and talented. i hope that your friend will find happiness..

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